Swedish Flower Vase

Swedish Flower Vase


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Wheel thrown stoneware vase with slip carved swedish flower design reminiscent of woodcarving or lithocuts. Soda Fired.

Slip carving involves painting multiple layers of slip (clay and stains) onto leather hard clay. Before the slip is dry, the images are hand carved into the clay. Multicolor flower and bird with underglazes and stains applied to the slip. I do not use patterns, just start with an image in mind!

This vase is soda fired....first step after the slip application and carving of the design is a regular bisque fire. The second step is applying a soda solution (baking soda and water) to the bisque vase and soda fired with an additional soda solution which acts as a sealant and a glaze to the exterior, with a white majolica glaze on the interior and green on the rim to provide a water tight seal for functional use. Flower ready!

7" tall x 4" round